The Cave : Secret Within (book review )

Book name : The Cave: Secrets within Author: PREIKSHA JAIN My rating :🌠🌠🌠 My review: The cave is a thriller fantasy kind of a story . The basis and stem of book is a dream or rather a nightmare . The main protagonists of the book are two girls namely Sharadha and Prachi .They both… Continue reading The Cave : Secret Within (book review )


New World Reapers

New world reapers : the end of beginnings is a book by Amritansh Dayal It is a story about four friends ,who were caught in during a apocalyptic occurrence . The book narrates of these four individual who had acquire during these occurrence and who later go on to join the elite forces to protect… Continue reading New World Reapers

The Tarikshir: the awakening

My rating :🌠🌠🌠🌠.5My review:The Tarikshir: the awakening by Khayaal Patel was a small intriguing packet of surprises for me and every aspect of the book has been paid attention to and henceforth the beautiful outcome .Firstly the cover is beautiful and image is detailed and crisp The image in the front is highly relevant but… Continue reading The Tarikshir: the awakening