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Yaskshipuran ( Book review )


Yakshipuram is a harrowing horror story with many unexpected twists and a mind-boggling climax. Prakash is trapped in a stupefying saga involving the occult, satanic rituals, witchcraft, and spine-chilling horror, in his quest for heirs. The book combines rib-tickling humor and classic horror without being crass. Yakshipuram revolves around a sinister and dark theme. Inspired by a nightmare that the author had, it will take the readers on a profound rollercoaster of a trip.

My review

Yaskshipuran is a horror novel in a horror story . The story starts very abruptly which immediately gets holds of the readers attention , the suddenness acts as shock which readers glued to the end. The storyline is crisp and filled with twist and turn. The character are well built especially of the protagonist Prakash.
Overall the book has a nightmarish feel to him and this acts in favour of the horror lovers


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