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Cross connection : Book Review


To accomplish the dreams of her parents, Simar, a girl from Punjab, lands up in Tamilnadu to complete her degree in dentistry. But fate had written a different story for her. Struggling to survive in a new world, she meets the love of her life, Naveen, a boy from Kerala. Smiling in the world of their love, they weave a beautiful life around their dreams. But everything changes once Naveen leaves India, trying his luck to get a job abroad. After a year, he comes back to marry her…but…is she still there waiting for him…???

About The Author:

Preety Praveen, a psychologist by profession, has had a passion for writing since childhood. She has written poems and stories and even tried her hand at writing and directing a couple of theater plays and short movies. She strongly believes that to be happy, we’ve to make our surroundings happy. And following her heart, she has always tried to be a helping hand for the needy through her social work. This is her first book, and is dedicated to all who believe in the power of destiny.

My review:

Cross connection is a love story of two college goers . The book narrates the tale of Simar and Naveen . The book  however is  not a typical love story but has many dimensions to it . The value friends and companion is also highlighted by the author . In fact the author has represented the Indian culture through the the story very well . The respect for parents , the need of the acceptance , their love and worry for their children’s life. The book is like a journal of a college student as it contains all the ascept of it . The mini vacation , the studying for exams , the hostel life ,the flings and the childish misunderstanding. Every single of the feelings is touched by the author in details . The book contains a good number of characters which I feel led to poor character development but then we could not much character development in college student . The language used was slightly simple for me but it could helpful for the new readers
Overall it was a good book and would recommend it for someone who likes simple books.


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