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Longing , I guess is the most underrated emotion of all .Like I can feel happy , I feel sad , I can attach reasons to them . But longing , is something I cannot reason out with .It seems to be omnipresent yet never paid attention to . You have a longing in happy... Continue Reading →

Good grades

I was against grading system my entire life until recently when I realised it was not entirely wrong .For instance when in school grading was beginning and the core of it where were we graded on the basis of how well we can learn a thing. Leaving a few genius and weak ones apart ,... Continue Reading →

Qubool hai ( yes I do )

Follow my blog with BloglovinQubool hai ( yes I do ) seems a very small word which we might have used a million times in our lifetime but when you say the same thing all dolled up with your mother huging you and your near and dear ones all smiles , encouraging you to say... Continue Reading →

Incomplete Autumn

It's October in Kolkata .We don't really have a autumn season but something about the air makes one feel that something is different . Over the years I noticed that this change often brings a change in me too ( you may call me moody ) something inside me gets muted whereas my inner thoughts... Continue Reading →

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