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Author interview :Abhaidev

Title – That Thing About You

Genre – New Adult, A bit of paranormal, Philosophy

Blurb (About the Book) –

What if co-incidences in our lives are nothing but a result of a dice thrown by some higher being?
What if, to the heavens, our lives are nothing but rows of dominos ready to be put into action?
What if we all are mere pieces of pawns carefully played upon by a cosmic chessmaster? ‘That Thing About You’ is an uncommon story of a common man rejected in love. This is a story of a man walking on the path of self-discovery.

Subodh, a regular IT employee, is perceived as an immature man by everyone, but he isn’t bothered until his love interest rejects him citing the same. Although dejected and crestfallen, he soon befriends an unusual, mysterious woman who knows everything about him and seems to have all the answers. Soon, his life goes through a lot of unexpected turns—from doubting his sanity and visiting a psychologist to a failed arranged marriage attempt made by his parents.

Everything in his life seems to be in fast-forward mode. One thing that does not change, however, is this unusual “friend” of his who refuses to reveal her identity and chooses to appear at her whim.

Who is this mysterious woman? Why is she prying into his life? Where will this strange friendship lead him? Is some impending danger awaiting Subodh or is it something else altogether?



  1. Tell us something about yourself.

Well, it is always a hard question to answer unless asked in a job interview. But I would try to answer it anyway.
I am a 34-year-old man with lots of dreams who tried playing it safe almost all of my life. Like most of the folks, I opted for engineering and then for an MBA. But at last, I realised that we have to take chances in life, for we have only one life to live. So here I am, trying to give my best at writing. Yeah, I want to become a professional writer. And for that, I will do whatever it would take.

  1. What inspired you to write? And what was the “It moment ” which lead to the creation of this book in specific?

I have always been a voracious reader. And writing a book of my own was always at the back of my mind. But I could never muster enough courage. However, it was after I finished my MBA, I realised that it is better to try and fail than living with the regret of not trying it at all. So with that thought on my mind, I quit my job and took the plunge.
As far as That Thing About You is concerned, the idea of it had been brewing for quite a long. But as I said earlier, I could never gather enough courage, so I let it take the backseat for a while. However, ultimately, when I quit my job, I started working on it. I always wanted to write something different. And this was it. The story with which I would begin my writing career.

  1. Who is your favourite character from this book?
    Since the book is mostly about Subodh, so it is quite obvious that he is my favorite character. I always wanted to write from a perspective of an immature man. And Subodh is one. Actually, the book is not all fiction. It is a little semi-autobiographical too. I was a lot like Subodh a decade back. Thus, I had little difficulty penning down this story. I hope people would find That Thing About You different. Different from all the other books out there in the market. I think I have succeeded in my goal, for I have heard from many readers that they could relate to Subodh, the protagonist of the book in question.
  2. Does he remind you of someone from your life?
    Actually, yes. It reminds me of both of my past as well as a guy who studied with me at my engineering college. While I have a grown, I think he has not. You see, some people just refuse to grow up, no matter what. And it is this fact that inspired me to write this uncommon tale.
  3. What do you hope your readers take away from this book?

I hope that people would regard immature men differently after reading my book. I think they would realise that maturity is not about thoughts but one’s conduct. This is primarily the point I wanted to make.
Apart from this, I also wanted to convey that our lives are governed both by free will and destiny. It is both nature and nurture. I don’t whether I have succeeded or not, but I think I have given my best.

  • Tell us about the process for coming up with the cover.
    Honestly speaking? It just occurred to me. I don’t know how, but as soon as I finished the book, the image that you see on the cover manifested in front of my mind’s eyes. Later on, I looked for a graphic designer and conveyed my requirements, who did the perfect job and brought the cover to existence.
  • Do you write listening to music? If so, what music inspired or accompanied this current book?
    I do not write listening to music. But I do listen to it when I am thinking about the plot or the story. Music helps me focus. So it is an absolute necessity when I want to reflect upon or ruminate. And when I am done thinking, I pause playing it and get down to writing.
    I have quite a different choice as far as music is concerned. The genres I enjoy are Progressive House and Indie. Such kind of helps me think better.
  • If your book was to be made into a movie, who are the celebrities that would star in it?
    Honestly, I never thought about it. In fact, I hardly watch Hindi movies (I am more of a Hollywood guy). But if you insist I can tell you the director who I like to work with as far the film adaption of this book is concerned. Imtiaz Ali. Yes, you heard it right. I think Imtiaz would do complete justice to my story.
  • What will be the message for young readers of your book ? My message to them would be – read a lot. Read as many books as you can. For reading helps us become better human beings. Reading also increases our power of imagination. So if you are in a creative field, reading is a must. And if you are just beginning, start slow. Don’t worry about your speed or grasping power, as you can always up your level later on. What matters is whether you begin the process or not.


About Author –

Abhaidev is the pen name of Mayank Chandna, an MDI Gurgaon alumnus. After working for a while in an investment bank, he took the plunge and quit that boring job of his to venture into the exciting world of writing, something he always wanted to do.
His penchant for continental philosophy and craze for progressive house music has nettled his simple parents. He is an avid reader and devours classics and science books.

Amazon Link –


Number of pages in the book are 229.

Publisher : Write India Publishers

Website of author –


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