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Author interview : Rajeev Kumar

In personal with Rajeev Kumar author of the wonderful book MERI AARSOO When did you first realize you wanted to be a writer? I have been writing from the age of when I was 15years old, gradually I developed a habit of writing short stories, skit and Drama for Schools & Colleges. But after joining... Continue Reading →

Yours legally ( Book Review )

Book name : Yours legallyAuthor : Sonia SahijwaniThe book Your legally is the a debut novel of the author and deals with the experience and life of the lawyer . A little background is provided by the author in the beginning with helps to understand and connect with the book better . There are basically... Continue Reading →

Yaskshipuran ( Book review )

Description Yakshipuram is a harrowing horror story with many unexpected twists and a mind-boggling climax. Prakash is trapped in a stupefying saga involving the occult, satanic rituals, witchcraft, and spine-chilling horror, in his quest for heirs. The book combines rib-tickling humor and classic horror without being crass. Yakshipuram revolves around a sinister and dark theme.... Continue Reading →

Cross connection : Book Review

Description To accomplish the dreams of her parents, Simar, a girl from Punjab, lands up in Tamilnadu to complete her degree in dentistry. But fate had written a different story for her. Struggling to survive in a new world, she meets the love of her life, Naveen, a boy from Kerala. Smiling in the world... Continue Reading →

Author interview :Abhaidev

Title - That Thing About You Genre - New Adult, A bit of paranormal, Philosophy Blurb (About the Book) - What if co-incidences in our lives are nothing but a result of a dice thrown by some higher being?What if, to the heavens, our lives are nothing but rows of dominos ready to be put... Continue Reading →

A train story : Book Review

It was a nice and short read . The book is more like a novella , the storyline is crip . The author has not wasting lines in filling the reader with unnecessary details . The suspense is maintained throughout the book.  However the climax being well timed and fulfilling didn't sit  well me .... Continue Reading →


Have you ever felt your memories shrink ? Moments becoming less clear with every passing day . Details forgotten. Colours dull and indistinguishable ? Do let know me about your experience and how you tackle it .....These lines belong to one of my favorite books of all times .


I find this statement particularly true , the longer I waited the harder it become, sometimes to a point a that I started justifying the deeds . But recently I have decided to live without regrets and waise bhi we have a saying in hindi which goes like "maafi mangne se koi chota ya bada... Continue Reading →

Nafrat ( Hatred )

Ek hoti hai nafrat Usse zyada hoti hai bahut nafrat Par sab se baar ke hoti bezubaan ki nafrat. Jiske baad woh khud si bhi na rahi Once there was a hatred Then there came intense hatred And then came the unspoken hatred And then she never remained the same

Book review : Aham

Aham is a fantasy fiction where the story revolves  around Indian mythological figures humans , demons spirits and a unique race called rekhyts.  The story  proceeds with a war between two protagonist Vaanee a demon princess and a Rekhyt warrior, Rwiju.The book focus on the reason , the war , and the outcome.The author has... Continue Reading →

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